April 2019
On the 8thof May 2019, I will head to a primary school in my area and stand in what I anticipate to be a long queue for my chance to come face to face with a ballot paper. As this day inches closer and closer, I cannot help, but reflect on the past 25 years...
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The focus of World Health Day this year is ‘universal health coverage’ and I can’t help but be touched by what is such a pertinent theme in South Africa today. As a medical student in this country, it goes far beyond just a title; it resonates deeply in the challenges I face daily in the...
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It is not often that the value of one’s life can be determined. It is often said that one’s life is priceless and Africans also always emphasize the importance of life by stating  that there is no bin into which a person can be thrown. Currently, the manner in which services are being rendered to us,...
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About Us

Yikhani is a platform for inclusive and accessible dialogues that unpack a range of pressing social, political and economic issues. We work interactively – not autonomously. Using a bottom-up approach as the method of engagement, we work with people from all walks of life to disrupt, share stories, exchange ideas, evolve, innovate and transform.