Navigating a Web of Exclusions: Women in Eastern DRC’s Coltan Mines

(This article is available in both English and French. Scroll down for the French translation) Clémentine is a 23-year-old coltan miner and mother of three, who dropped out of high school to get married.[1] A few years ago a friend invited her to try out mine work, teaching her how to mine. Her husband, who...
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Energy Security For Inclusive Growth: The Case of Africa (South Africa)

Enormous progress has been achieved in decreasing global poverty, in the last few years, as the number of persons living in extreme poverty has halved. Despite this feat, most people living in developing economies remain in abject poverty. This is attributed to the fact that in many of these countries, rising prosperity has been accompanied...
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Science by Africa

We live in an age where decolonisation is the word on everyone’s lips. And this is wonderful and sorely needed. However, nuance tends to be lost from time to time. I am a molecular biologist and I’ve noticed that people generally fall into one of three categories when talking about decolonising the sciences: those who...
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